Mobile Massage

60 minutes $150   -   90 minutes $200   -   120 minutes $240

Mobile massage allows you to receive massage in the comfort of your own home. I bring my heated massage table and everything needed to create a relaxing environment.  Classic massages, specialty massages and enhancements are offered for your in home massage. Please see massage and enhancement menus for a description of each service. Enhancements must be booked when the appointment is scheduled. 

Massage in the Workplace

Rates starting at $125 per hour based on location, minimum 2 hours

Are you looking to provide your employees with a few moments of bliss during the workday? I provide on-site massages at local businesses to help workers improve focus and increase productivity. This is a great way to show your staff how much you appreciate all their hard work! Chair or table massages can be provided, fully clothed, in an office setting at the duration of your choosing.

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