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Specialty Massages

Certified in several areas of specialty massages, Chantel uses techniques to reconnect the body, mind and spirit while restoring balance in the body. Try these modalities if you haven't been achieving the results you want with previous massages, or if you want to try something new. Can't choose? Combine it all with a custom massage! 

*60 minutes $135  -  90 minutes $185  -  120 minutes $230

Craniosacral Therapy

     30 minutes  -  60 minutes  -  90 minutes

craniosacral therapy, gentle massage, whiplash treatment

Craniosacral is a gentle modality that targets the central nervous system to have a deeply profound impact throughout the entire body. It is beneficial for anyone who has been in a car accident, other whiplash injuries, head injuries, etc. Add 30 minutes to any massage, or enjoy a full Craniosacral session for 60 or 90 minutes.  

Table Thai Massage
Table Thai Yoga Massage

Table Thai incorporates compression, acupressure, stretching and range of motion to bring balance to the body, increase flexibility and allow the body to surrender into relaxation. Please wear loose clothing for this session, similar to yoga attire.

Thai Fusion

90 minutes  -  120 minutes

90 minutes  -  120 minutes

thai fusion massage, assisted stretching, table thai yoga massage

Thai Fusion incorporates principles of Thai massage into an integrative massage with lotion, oil or salve. Some say this is the best of both worlds since you receive the Thai stretches to increase flexibility in addition to flushing and kneading of the muscles. 


30 minutes  -  60 minutes

Reflexology applies pressure to specific points on the feet and hands that correspond to areas of the body. Applying pressure on the reflex point resets the nervous system’s communication from the brain to that specific area of the body. Reflexology has the ability to work the entire body- both muscles as well as organs to induce relaxation. It is beneficial for plantar fasciitis and anyone on their feet for long hours. Add 30 minutes to any massage or enjoy a full 60 minutes of Reflexology. 

reflexology chart cropped .jpeg
Custom Massage

60 minutes  -  90 minutes  -  120 minutes 

Office pic2.jpg

This integrative massage incorporates many different modalities to customize a massage to each individual’s needs. This massage may include deep tissue, Thai stretches, trigger point therapy and Swedish to name a few.

Classic Massages

Swedish Massage

60 minutes  -  90 minutes  -  120 minutes 

Swedish massage uses light to medium pressure with flushing strokes to help increase circulation and detoxify the body.  This is a very relaxing massage and is also great for anyone who is really sore from playing hard on the mountain.

swedish massage, relaxation massage, assisted stretching
Sports Massage

60 minutes  -  90 minutes  -  120 minutes 


Sports massage is excellent for the professional athlete, weekend warriors and everyone in between. Flushing, deep tissue, stretching and range of motion are included in this massage that is designed to help your body recover and get ready for another day on the mountain. 

Pre and Postnatal Massage

60 minutes  -  90 minutes 

Both expecting and new mothers benefit immensely from incorporating regular massage into their wellness plan. Massage can help ease the aches and pains that may be present before and after child birth. It can help increase circulation, reduce edema, reduce headaches and ease tension.

prenatal massage, postnatal massage, expecting mothers

*For clients with a financial need, please ask about our sliding scale rates

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